Beautiful natural landscapes, sounds and smells help us to escape from the strain and stress of the workaday world. Nature helps your body recover from stress and optimises the functioning of your brain. 

Being active and spending time in nature is part of Finnish culture, lifestyle and recreation. Finns prefer getting their exercise in a pristine or developed natural environment. When exercising in a natural environment, you are paying attention to far more than just the exercise itself. This is why many people feel that exercising in nature is less work than when exercising indoors.  Varied terrain also gets you to step a bit more lively then when walking around a city. 

Nature exercise offers the positive impacts of exercise combined with the health and well-being impacts of the natural environment.  

Many people simply experience a sense of health and well-being after getting exercise in nature. The more exercise you get in nature, the greater the impact nature will have on well-being. Indeed, it has been found that people who exercise outdoors are more likely to keep it up than those who exercise indoors. 

At Peerajärvi you will be able to enjoy the views, mountains and lake within short walking distance in pure privacy. During winter you can go for a snowshoeing trip either on frozen lake or climb up to the next door mountains and during summer and autumn you'll have a 7 km private trail starting from your Glass Igloos backyard.

During winter months, we offer you a wide range or typical Finnish winter activities from cross-country skiing to ice fishing. Move on to try your skills with the kick-sledge, a Finnish "man-powered" winter vehicle. Go for some pure sliding fun on the toboggan run. Take a swing ride on the Finnish sleigh-go-round, which is an old-fashioned carousel on ice.

Challenge your travelling companions to a snowball fight. Test the reindeer herder's most important tool, the reindeer lasso which we call "suopunki", and take a test drive on his most important vehicle, the snowmobile.

During the dark autumn and winter nights you can either admire the Arctic Sky with thousands of stars and Northern Lights if lucky. During the summer the nightless night with it's magic light will amaze you.