This excursion is a must for you who are looking for an authentic experience in Sámiland.

Nils-Matti Vasara is a 12th generation Sámi reindeer herder who works in the footsteps of his ancestors, carrying on a culture and a lifestyle of centuries-old traditions.

Nils-Matti’s work is based on the rhythm of the eight seasons in the arctic. During the snow-covered seasons, as a guest of Arctic Land Adventure, you can participate in a trip which takes you out to the wilderness to meet with him and to observe him at his chores.

The tour takes you to the frozen tundra of the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area where Nils-Matti spends his days tending to his flock. Reindeer graze freely on their winter pastures while their herder ensures they find sufficient nutrition and that they are protected against predators. Their location is unknown to all but the herder himself, but thanks to modern technoogy your driver-guide can pinpoint their whereabouts - and off you go, on a unique journey to the empire of reindeer.

There are no roads in the wilderness, therefore the transfer is arranged by snowmobile. You’ll be comfortably seated in the passenger sled while your guide drives the vehicle, allowing you to admire the magnificence of the nature surrounding you. Upon meeting Nils-Matti you’ll be surrounded by his reindeer – dozens, even hundreds of them. Curious by nature the reindeer tend to come up close, close enough so you can feed them and close enough for outstanding photo opportunities.

Relax with a hot drink and a snack served by your guide. Have a chat with Nils-Matti and capture the astounding scenes all around you. Listen to the all-embracing silence of the nature – broken only by the voice of Nils-Matti and the sounds of the flock in motion.

The chances are that this trip will be the crowning memory of your arctic holiday.



  • Reindeer Safari and Reindeer Herder Experience are available only between Dec 1 - April 30
  • Reindeer are roaming freely and do not stay at the ranch during the summer
  • The program will take 2-3 hours depending on where the reindeer pack is located
  • Minimum group size is 4. In case the group size is not met, we will inform the participants and try to find another suitable time. 
  • You can also book the tour for 2 persons for 512 euros