Arctic Lapland meets Sauna and hot tub

Lapland is an adventure from start to finish! After an eventful day in the Arctic Land nature, a one-of-a-kind sauna experience is in store for you: The Arctic Land Sauna at Vasara Reindeer Ranch.

When you book an Arctic Land Holiday your days will be filled with exciting outdoor activities in pure nature and authentic encounters with traditional Sámi culture. Add to this the ultimate relaxation provided during a quintessential Finnish ritual, the sauna bath, for an absolute sense of well-being.

The Arctic Land Sauna sits on the shore of Lake Peera, in an exquisite setting at Vasara Reindeer Ranch and offers enjoyment and relaxation all year round. From November to April there are reindeer roaming freely on the grounds, and being inquisitive by nature they may wander up to keep you company while you’re soaking in the hot tub or lounging on the deck in between your bathing sessions. A sauna experience at the Ranch can be equally spellbinding in summer while you marvel at the nightless nights. The darkening evenings from late summer onwards may pamper you with the greatest light show on earth – the Aurora Borealis.

The gentle heat of the sauna and the warmth of the outdoor hot tub soothe your muscle tension and rejuvenate your soul. Relax on the deckchair, enjoy the tranquility and gaze at the arctic sky. The adjacent barbecue hut, the Sávdnigoahti, is at your disposal throughout your sauna session, with comfortable seating around a cozy open wood-burning fire and your choice of refreshments and tasty snacks to savour.

The Arctic Land Sauna Experience is available to guests staying in the Reindeer Ranch Glass Igloos, in Arctic Land Lodging Chalets as well as to visitors to Vasara Reindeer Ranch. We can arrange for your transfer from the village of Kilpisjärvi or you can arrive by car (we’ll provide driving instructions when we confirm your booking).

Please make your booking for the Sauna Experience at least 48 hours in advance.



Sauna and hot tub are available year round from 4 PM until 9 PM. During winter months heating the sauna might take even up to 6-8 hours. During rough weather conditions (eg. snow storm, heavy wind) we do not open the hot tub.

Winter price

  • Private sauna: 300 euros 
  • Private hot tub: 300 euros
  • Duration: 2 hours

Summer price

  • Private sauna: 150 euros 
  • Private hot tub: 150 euros
  • Duration: 2 hours


  • Private rental of the sauna and the hot tub for a 2-hour period, for 1-8 persons
  • The barbeque hut Sávdnigoahti is included for the bathing period plus an additional hour afterwards
  • Towels and toiletries, spring water and arctic berry juice

Special price for overnight guests 

  • Our overnight guests staying at the Reindeer Ranch Glass Igloos may wish to avail themselves to the sauna only at the cost of € 150 for 1 hour. This requires minimum 2 sauna booking for the day.



The Reindeer Ranch Sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna building. It contains two parts: a hot room, which also includes washing facilities, and a changing room. The hot room is comfortable for up to six persons at a time. While there are no showers in this type of traditional sauna, you are provided buckets of heated lake water for washing.

The Hot Tub sits outdoors on the deck and accommodates 4 – 6 persons at a time. The water is heated by a wood-burning stove to a pleasant temperature.

The Sávdnigoahti barbecue hut with its open fireplace cozily seats eight persons for rest and relaxation. If you wish to order additional refreshments and snacks to be served in the Sávdnigoahti, please inquire about our Sauna Menu.

In winter you can take a dip in the chilly water of Lake Peera through a hole in the ice. In summer and in the fall before the lake freezes its cool waters invite you for a swim.

Toilet facilities are located in the Ranch House which is just a short walk from the sauna.

You might wish to get acquainted with Finnish sauna culture and read these ten tips for beginners. Upon your arrival the staff at the Reindeer Ranch are at hand for advice and instructions.


BOOKINGS AND QUERIES: +358 50 537 5295