Arctic Land Adventure Saana Ailakkavaara

Experiences in the Arctic Lapland - Luxury to do nothing

The nature is not experienced only by seeing and hearing, but it feels – in your guts and in your soul. The arctic nature makes you humble, and that is part of what makes it so fabulous! Once you feel it, you want to return. 

The landscape in Enontekiö is distinguished by its spectacular open and clear spaces, which you can only experience in the treeless wilderness. Once you cross into Enontekiö, the pines and spruce trees disappear and the kingdom of the low-growing mountain birch begins.

The highest fells of Finland are located in Enontekiö, of which the most in area of Kilpisjärvi. The most popular ones of these are Saana and Halti. The spectacular views cannot be described by words, and even a picture cannot deliver the feeling that the view from the top of the fell gives. You just have to experience it.

Reindeer herding is still an important livelihood for us. There are about 20,000 reindeer in Enontekiö. The reindeer pasture freely, but every animal has an owner, indicated by an earmark. Herding reindeer requires a deep understanding of both nature and reindeer, the knowledge being handed down from one generation to the next. 

Come to experience the authentic Lapland, Sámi culture, reindeer herding traditions and  wonders of mother Nature from extremely cold winter nights with Northern Lights dancing on the sky to night less summer nights when the Sun does not set at all.

Arctic Land Adventure at Vasara Reindeer Ranch and Kilpisjärven Tunturimajat chalets at village center offer you unforgettable holiday including exclusive experiences and high quality accommodation.

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