Reindeer Ranch Vasara welcomes you to visit our home and the home base of our reindeer herd.

You will learn more on how reindeer are fed, what belongs to herder’s daily routines, how’s the year of the reindeer, how does the herder recognize his reindeer and what are the other interesting traditions belonging to Sámi way of living.

Reindeer have been the source of livelihood in Sámiland since times immemorial, and just as importantly, they are the source of legend, myth, magic and power. Carrying on the reindeer herding tradition is fundamental to the Sámi culture and identity. Owner of the ranch has 12 generations of traditions and knowledge of Sámi lifestyle and he would like to share his wisdom with you.

Visiting the ranch starts with driving thru hundreds of reindeer waiting for you at the driveway. Feel like a real reindeer herder and jump out of your car to get thru the herd. Our reindeer are not hiding behind the fences – they’ll surround you and welcome you all the way down to our home at Lake Peera. So be careful when approaching!

During your visit you will get a chance to feed reindeer, pet them if you get lucky and take loads of photos during your visit. We will also welcome you to visit our hut and offer you some hot drinks while explaining the history and the future of traditional Sámi reindeer herding.



  • Reindeer Ranch Visit is available only during winter months Nov 1 – Apr 30
  • Reindeer are roaming free and leaving the Ranch for the summer
  • The activity will take place daily at 10 AM if the minimum group size (4 persons) is met. We will inform all participants in case of cancellation/postponing.
  • In case you’re travelling from Tromsö, please check GoFjord’s Special Reindeer Ranch Snow Fun program leaving daily at 7 AM. Further details will be added shortly.
  • In case you have bigger group, please contact us for an offer and availability