Arctic Land Adventure saamelaiset häät Mia ja nils-matti vasara

Story of Vasara Reindeer Ranch

Reindeers, legends myth and magic! The story of Sámiland since time immemorial

Reindeer have been the source of livelihood in Sámiland since time immemorial, and just as importantly, they are the source of legends, myth, magic and power.

Carrying on the reindeer herding tradition is fundamental to the Sámi culture and identity. You are welcome to the Vasara reindeer ranch, to visit our home and the home base of our reindeer herd.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the exquisite native animals of the Arctic and observe our everyday life at the ranch.

Sami Nils-Matti Vasara has lived in Kilpisjärvi all his life – his roots go back 12 generations. 

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We are an original Sámi reindeer farm; thus socio-cultural sustainability and the preservation of traditions are a built-in feature for us. Fostering and respecting Sámi traditions is at the core of everything we do.

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